Blu-ray Ripper | Rip Blu-ray on Windows and Mac easily


Leica Q (Typ 116) Final Cut Pro - Edit Leica Q MP4 in FCP X/FCP 7

Edit Leica Q 1080P MP4 video in FCP X and FCP 7

How can I edit Leica Q 1080P MP4 video in Final Cut Pro? Last month, my foreign friends come to visit my family, I took them to play the city’s famous tourist attractions, I borrowed a Leica Q from my best friend for out viewfinder with colleague, to commemorate those […]

MXF to Premeire Elements

Import MXF video to Premiere Elements native format

Can I edit my MXF files in Premiere Elements 14? I’m a sociology teacher, last month I have the opportunity to participate in the school organized summer social practice. I recorded some interesting videos for my students by using Canon XF100. I want to edit the footage in Premiere Elements […]


Watch iTunes movies on 4K TV via USB Flash Drive

Recently, I bought some American animation films from iTunes for my 10-year-old son, like as Frozen, Madagascar, Big Hero 6…He want to play them on new bought Samsung 4K UHD TV to feel better experience. I try to transfer the downloaded iTunes movies to TV via USB Flash Drive for […]

Blu-ray to iPod Touch Converter

Rip and convert Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 for playing

How can I watch Blu-ray on iPod Touch 6 smoothly?  I am a Blu-ray discs collector and I like watching Blu-ray movie very much. Next week I will travel abroad for a month, so I want to play Blu-ray on my iPod Touch 6. However, I found view Blu-ray on […]

Edit Panasonic Lumix FZ300 4K MP4 in FCP X or Premiere Pro

Lumix FZ300 4K MP4 to FCP X and Premiere Pro Workflow

Does anyone like me eager to know how to edit Lumix FZ300 4K MP4 video in FCP X? Last weekend, I invited my friends to come to my home to attend my daughter’s birthday party. I used the Panasonic Lumix FZ300 shoot some videos to record the warm and memorable […]

Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab S2

How to watch Blu-ray movies on Galaxy Tab S2?

A few days ago, my friend gave me some Blu-ray Discs, my daughter like these popular movies very much and she want to watch Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab S2 when she were in school, so i backup data from the Blu-ray to my computer first. However to my disappointed, when […]

iTunes to Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 5 iTunes

How to get iTunes on Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

I downloaded some 1080P movies from the Apple iTunes 12, I want to watch theses movies by Galaxy Note 5 on the train during my journey, but when I try to play via the downloaded iTunes movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I found these files couldn’t be open on […]

Convert Sony PXW-X320 XAVC to FCP X ProRes on Mac

Convert Sony PXW-X320 XAVC to FCP X ProRes on Mac

“Can I load XAVC videos from Sony PXW-X320 into FCP X on Mac? Last month, I attended the summer camp organized by the school to the United States, the American landscape and human history of culture and strong educational resources a which give me a huge influence on me .

Import 4K H.265 video from Samsung NX500 to FCP X

Import 4K H.265 video from Samsung NX500 to FCP X

Q: Samsung NX500 files in FCP X Recently, I used a Samsung NX500 camera to get lots of 4K videos during my family trip, I found the 4K video is excellent and reasonably high contrast with few artifacts, so I want to edit these videos in FCP X then share […]