Can I watch Blu-ray movis on LG G8 ThinQ
I am a big Blu-ray fan. I am always keen on buying legitimate Blu-ray discs. However, I have to travel a lot on business, so I have no time to watch my lovely Blu-rays at home. What can […]
Rip and convert Blu-ray to Galaxy S9 via Blu-ray Ripper
Do you want to play Blu-ray on Galaxy Note 9? Best Blu-ray ripper software for you to rip and transfer Blu-ray movies to Galaxy Note 9 for playing on the go.
Blu-ray to Surface Book 2 | Watch Blu-ray movies on Surface Book 2
Who can share a Blu-ray to Surface Book 2 solution with me? I really want to watch my favorite movies on my Surface Book 2 on the go. It would be great if I could get a free […]
Convert and transfer Blu-ray/DVD moveis to BlackBerry Key2
Have you purchased a lot of Blu-ray or DVD discs in the past years? Do you want to get Blu-ray and DVD movies to BlackBerry Key2? In this article we will share the best Blu-ray ripper software with […]
Convert Blu-ray and MKV movies to LG Q7 supported format
Do you like watching movies? If you are a movie fan you may have purchased some Blu-ray discs or downloaded some movies in MKV format, do you want to transfer Blu-ray to LG Q7 or transfer MKV to […]
Blu-ray to Stylus 3
If you’re after a phone with a stylus that won’t burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG wants to show you what it’s got. The phone has a fairly impressive feature list, with a removable […]
Asus Transformer 3 Pro
The Transformer 3 Pro touts a 12.6-inch display that’s slightly bigger than the Surface Pro 4 at 12.3 inches, which makes for a small but meaningful difference. Asus also ups the resolution to 2880 x 1920 pixels, giving […]
play 4k video on galaxy s6
How to play 4K movies on Galaxy S6? Can I watch downloaded 4K movies on Galaxy S6? After you read this Galaxy S6 4K video playback article, you won’t need to worry about Galaxy S6 4K video playback […]
If you want to watch MKV movies on Android tablet, you will need our MKV to Android Converter to convert MKV to your tablet supported format.
Convert and transfer MKV, MOV, AVI to HTC One A9
HTC has released a heavyweight mobile phone HTC One A9. It included a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, Snapdragon 617 processor, 16GB internal storage with micro SD card slot, 2GB RAM, 4MP (UltraPixel) front facing camera, 13MP rear camera […]

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